London Folkfest (Day 2) – The Bedford

No video of the Folkfest. There were so many great acts that it would be unfair to pick one to include.

Why This Gig?

Because if they’re going to put on a festival of great music in the pub at the end of my road, there’s no way I’m not going to go. This is the third year of the festival and I’ve been every year.


As with the first day, I’m not going to split the acts into “support” and “headline”. They’re all great acts who are worth checking out.

I stuck with my first day plan of flitting between the Theatre and the Ballroom. And, again, there’s a danger that I missed something totally awesome on another stage.

Euan Ryan

Hmm… it’s less than 24 hours ago and I really can’t remember much about him. Chap with a guitar. Made no impression at all, I’m afraid.

Irenie Rose

Great singer from Lewis. Lovely songs. Lovely personality. Simple but effective. I’ll look out for her again (but it might be a long wait – this was apparently her first time in London).

Luke Jackson

I’m pretty sure that someone told me to check out Luke Jackson many months ago. And now I can see why. He was great.

Autumn Red

Their web site describes them as a “banjo led folk rock band”, but all we got was one man with a banjo. I’m not sure what happened there. But what we got was very good. Particularly at the end of his set when he turned off all the amplification and played completely acoustic. My enjoyment of this set was slightly marred by standing near the back of the hall surrounded by people who thought that their conversations were more important than the music.

Snow Apple

So far, Snow Apple are definitely the find of the festival for me. Three mad Dutch women with cafe society feel to their music and an occasional full-frontal operatic attack. I will definitely be checking them out again and I highly recommend that you do too.

Skinny Lister

Returning to the Ballroom following the Snow Apple set, I could tell t hat something special was happening. Skinny Lister had returned the Ballroom to the “stomping and shouting” room that it had been on the first day. They sounded great, but it was one of the hottest days of the year and most of the audience were on their feet dancing. This turned the Ballroom into a furnace and I only lasted a couple of songs before retreating into the relative coolness of the Theatre.

The Hummingbirds

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of the Hummingbirds before. I may even have seen them at another festival at some point. They were perfectly workmanlike and put in a fine performance. But after the inspired insanity of Snow Apple and the sheer energy of Skinny Lister, I’m afraid it all fell a little flat.


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