Kathryn Williams – Old St Pancras Church

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I can’t find any video from the night, so that’s Kathryn’s new single. The official video is better – but it doesn’t seem compatible with the featured video plugin that I’m using.

Why This Gig?

I’ve been a big fan of Kathryn Williams for years, but for some reason I hadn’t got round to seeing her until recently. I had a ticket to see her last year, but the show was postponed and I was already busy on the revised date (something that led to a huge argument with See Tickets). Then I bought a ticket to see her in Islington a couple of months ago – only to find that I had inadvertently double-booked myself for that night.

I did finally get to see her a couple of weeks ago. She was at the London Folkfest. At by that point I had already got a ticket for this gig too. She’s a lovely person and she makes lovely music. So I want to support her however I can.


Support came from Chris Simmons, a singer-songwriter from Brighton. He only played a few songs, but they were all very good. It’s a very small venue and at one point he took advantage of that fact and played a song completely unplugged.


As I said above, Kathryn is completely lovely and that comes across really well on stage. She’s the kind of act that audiences love before she has sung a note. And that came across really well in this small venue.

The show was a promotional night for her new album, Crown Electric, which is released in a few weeks time so most of the songs she played were new. But they sound great. “Heart-Shaped Stone” is getting a lot of airplay (it was even played on the PA before the show) so it already sounds really familiar.

Kathryn is joined by two other musicians, David Saw on guitar and Ben Trigg on cello. For two songs she is also joined by Ed Harcourt on piano. He co-wrote those two songs with her and one of them, called “Sequins”, looks like being one of the stand-out songs from the new album.

One of the older songs she sang was “Little Black Numbers”, which she sang accompanied only by her own voice in a tape loop. It was one of the most incredible performances I’ve seen for a long time.

It was a great show by one of the nicest people in the business. She’s on tour for the next few months. I highly recommend that you get to one of the shows.

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