Goldfrapp – Hammersmith Apollo

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Why this gig?

I’ve never been a massive Goldfrapp fan. I have a couple of her albums and I enjoy them when I play them, but I don’t find myself reaching for them particularly often. So this was really a bit of a gamble. One of those gigs where you go and see someone just so you can see what they’re like.


I should be getting used to it by now, but I was rather surprised to see that there wasn’t a support act.


As I said above, I don’t really know much of Goldfrapp’s music. The only album I know pretty well is Supernature and it was a while before she played anything that I recognised. I think that a lot of the early songs were from her new album, Tales of Us, which I’ve listened to once and wasn’t very impressed by.

So for the first half an hour or so I’m not really enjoying it. The first few songs aren’t very interesting. I don’t hate it, but it’s not really grabbing me. The band seem competent enough and the light show is great, but I’m not really enthralled by Goldfrapp’s performance.

Things definitely pick up later on as she plays songs that I recognise. ‘Number 1’ and ‘Ride a White Horse’ are both great and the set ends with a great performance of ‘Ooh La La’. It’s an impressive ending but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s too late. I’ve already decided that I won’t be rushing back to see her the next time she’s in London.

The encore is unusually long – four songs. But I don’t know any of them and I leave the venue feeling as unenthused as I was in  the middle of the set.

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