Mogwai – Royal Festival Hall

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Why this gig?

I’ve been vaguely aware of Mogwai for several years but I only really took any notice of them when they did the soundtrack for The Returned last year. That made me think that they were the kind of band that I should probably investigate further. So when this date was announced I bought a ticket. Since then I’ve listened to a few of their albums and largely enjoyed what I have heard.


There was a support. They were called Koreless. All I can remember about them is that they really didn’t make much of an impression.


I don’t know much of Mogwai’s music very well. Certainly not well enough to recognise individual tracks. Most of it is instrumental and I seem to have the kind of brain that needs lyrics to distinguish songs. That’s probably part of the reason why I don’t particularly enjoy classical music.

So, as far as I’m concerned, this gig comes down to – Mogwai came on and made some nice noises for about ninety minutes. And whilst it was all really enjoyable at the time, looking back on it now there’s nothing that really stands out as a high-point of the night.

The audience were obviously enjoying it. Many of the tracks received huge cheers of recognition as they started – so, clearly, not everyone has the same problems that I do in telling their songs apart.

I’ll carry on listening to Mogwai’s music. But unless I find myself recognising individual pieces, I’m not sure that I’ll go and see them play again.

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