Hannah Peel – The Macbeth

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Can ‘t find anything from the night, so here’s the official video for Fabricstate.

Why this gig?

Because Hannah Peel is great and I don’t see her play live enough. It’s been a couple of years since I saw her play one of her own gigs – though I’ve recently seen her a couple of times playing with the Magnetic North and John Foxx.

This show was originally scheduled to take place in a boat house near Hammersmith. But a couple of weeks before the show I got an email saying that it had been moved to a pub in Hoxton.


There were three support bands. I saw one and a half of them.

Little Shoes Big Voice seemed jolly enough. Gentle poppy stuff. I’d be happy to see them again.

Strong Asian Mothers were a bit rockier. I wasn’t enjoying them much when I came to a decision.

I left the gig. I was really looking forward to seeing Hannah Peel, but the venue was horrible. It was completely the wrong shape for live music and seemed to be full of people with no interest at all in watching the bands. I was only about twenty feet from the stage, but I was surrounded by people who were just talking to their friends and ignoring the acts.

Ah well. Lesson learned. Usually I like a good pub gig, but I’ll be avoiding the Macbeth in the future.

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