Paper Aeroplanes – Union Chapel

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Why this gig?

I discovered Paper Aeroplanes playing at my local pub a couple of years ago and thought they were absolutely wonderful. I haven’t been able to see them as much as I would have liked since then, but when they announced a date at the Union Chapel, I knew I had to be there.


Two support acts. Firstly, Lewis and Leigh, a rather lovely folk/country duo from Wales and the US. Really enjoyed their set and I’ll be looking out for them in the future.

Then there was Stu Larsen, who is an Australian singer. I enjoyed him too, but he was very much the weakest link on a really strong bill.


If ever a band was meant to play the Union Chapel, then it has to be Paper Aeroplanes. Their gentle melodies are a perfect match for the venue and it seems to bring out the best in them. They are playing better than I have ever seen them.

Paper Aeroplanes are a duo, but when playing live they often have guests playing with them to get them closer to their recorded sound. Tonight they have a full band. But there is still time for the two of them to play three songs without the rest of the musicians.

They are becoming rather well-known now. The show sold out a long while ago and the audience is obviously full of fans who know the songs well. Things like “My First Love” (a highlight of the night) are greeted like old friends. The last song of the set – “Little Letters” is a tour de force. The band soon return for a lovely encore of “In The Bleak Midwinter” followed by the always impressive “Newport Beach”.

They have already announced a tour for 2015, which includes a date in London on 20 May. I already have my ticket and I recommend that you get yours.

The setlist is on

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