Mull Historical Society – The Lexington

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(Can’t find any video from the night, so this is from a different night on the same tour)

Why this gig?

I’ve been aware of the Mull Historical Society since about 2000. I have a couple of their albums – I don’t play them much but whenever I do I find myself wondering why I don’t listen to them more often. I thought the albums I had were their first two, but this show has them playing all of their first album – and it’s not one of the two I have, so I must be mistaken.


Later in evening Sorren Maclean will be on stage with the band, but he starts the night giving us some of his own songs, accompanied by Hannah Fisher on violin. It’s really good stuff. I’ll look out for him again, but I don’t think he plays in London very often.


So this is all of the Mull Historical Society’s fir album, Loss. I thought I know nothing of this album, but there’s one song (also called “Mull Historical Society”) that I recognise, so I must have known about it at some point.

It’s hard to sum up the band’s sound. My mind keeps drawing comparisons with the Beta Band, but there’s quiet a lot more of a traditional sound in the Mull Historical Society’s music. Perhaps you could describe them as a Scottish version of Tunng – which would certainly explain why I enjoyed the show so much.

I don’t know much about the band. I know it’s really just a front for Colin MacIntyre, but I don’t know how stable the rest of the line-up is. Are there people who have been playing with the band for years or does he just hire a group of musicians. I should really investigate further.

It’s one of those shows where I don’t know many of the songs. I think I recognise three. But it all sounds great and I leave filled with a massive desire to listen to more of their music. And to see more of their shows.

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