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(No video from the night, so here’s their new single)

Why this gig?

Because it’s a rule of the universe that I see Stealing Sheep play whenever I can.


Two support acts tonight. Both completely new to me. Landscapes were completely wonderful. I’ve been listening to their album and am very much looking forward to seeing them again soon.

Then there’s Gwenno. It’s just her and her keyboards. I’m very much reminded of John Foxx. She was good, but anyone is going to struggle to be noticed between Landscapes and Stealing Sheep.


It’s all running a bit late by the time the Gwenno finishes and it takes Stealing Sheep a long time to set up their equipment (there’s a lot of equipment). This means it’s 10:30pm by the time they start. This is unfortunate for a friend who I bumped into at the show – he had to leave at 10:45pm to catch a train.

This is already the second time I’ve seen Stealing Sheep this year. The last time was their album launch night. That was the first time I’d heard the songs from the new album. This time I’ve played it several times and the songs are already old friends.

The songs are obviously old friends to the band too. They play them with an impressive confidence and fluency. The audience love it too. Everyone is having a great time.

The set is largely made up of the new album. There are just three songs (“Genevieve”, “Gold” and “Shut Eye”) from Into The Diamond Sun and nothing from any of the early EPs. The new material is great, of course, but I worry that I’ll never hear them play “I Am The Rain” or “Paper Moon” again.

We have special guests too. Meilyr Jones was the support act last time I saw them and he joins them for a couple of songs. One of them is unrecorded and there seems to be some question over whether it even has a title yet. And at the end of the set, they are joined by a choir of friends who provide backing vocals.

All in all, it’s every bit as wonderful as expected. Can’t wait to see them again soon.

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