Blur – Hyde Park

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Why this gig?

Because I’ve never seen Blur, and I really feel that I should.


It’s a festival so there are loads of support acts and, because they are spread over many stages, it’s impossible to see them all. Here are the ones I saw.

Drenge – I wasn’t quite in the right mood for this and the fact that a mosh pit opened up right by me was slightly annoying. But I will definitely be investigating them further.

The Horrors – I remember enjoying these at the time. But I’m writing this several weeks later and I can’t remember a thing about them.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – Pretty standard country-tinged rock. Not particularly interesting.

Metronomy – Only saw the last third of their set but I really enjoyed it and have been listening to some of their albums since.


I think that the unimpressive support acts and the rain must have put me in a rather bad mood. Or perhaps Blur just weren’t very good. Either way, I really didn’t enjoy this.

I think that part of the problem was the fact that Blur have a new album out, so they played quite a few songs from that. And that’s not how festivals sets work – you ignore your latest album and play your greatest hits.

They did play their greatest hits too. But that just emphasised to me that Blur really didn’t have that many good songs. Only “Tender”, “Song 2” and “The Universal” really did it for me. The rest all sounded pretty uninteresting.

In the big Blur vs Oasis debates of the mid 1990s, I always took the third option and voted for Pulp. This show did absolutely nothing to change my mind.

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