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Why this gig?

Little Boots has been a bit of guilty pleasure since she was named as the BBC’s Sound of 2009. I saw here supporting the Scissor Sisters last year and have been looking for another gig to see her at ever since.


Two support acts. One good, one appalling.

As I arrived, Avec Sans were on stage. They are a duo who play a nice slice of electo-pop and (as you can see from the video for their single, “Shiver“) their instruments are really interesting too.

Then a man (who goes by the unlikely name of Sophie) came on and played some really dreadful MPs for us. I’m no expert, but he seemed to be playing many of them at the wrong speed. Either that or he was a big fan of Pinky and Perky.


Little Boots has a new album (called Nocturnes) out and she wants everyone to know it. Over half of the set is new material. But that’s ok because, while the new stuff isn’t as familiar as the songs from Hands, the songs stand up really well and will, no doubt, become old friends very quickly.

But it’s still the older stuff that gets the audience the most excited. “New in Town” is played quite early in the set and “Earthquake” and “Mathematics” both get a big cheer a bit later on.

After less than an hour the set draws to a close with “Stuck on Repeat” and “Satellite”. But after a short break (just long enough for Little Boots to get into her LED dress) the band return for an encore which includes “Remedy”, one of my favourite Little Boots songs.

It’s tempting to draw comparisons with Goldfrapp, who I saw a couple of weeks ago. Given the choice I’d far rather see Little Boots again. I just wish she’d play for a little longer.

The set list is on and you can buy a CD of the show from Concert Live.



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