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I can’t find any video from  the night, so here’s The Deep Dark Woods playing “18th of December” from their latest album Jubilee.

Why this gig?

I had never heard of The Deep Dark Woods before buying my ticket for this show. It was the support act Trembling Bells that I really wanted to see. I’ve got all of their albums and have been trying to see them live for a couple of years, but I’ve always managed to just miss them one way or another.


There were two support acts. The first were called Biederbeck. It’s been a while since the show (real life and a holiday stopped me writing this review sooner) and I’ve pretty much forgotten what they were like. I’m just listening to the video on their web site and it’s not bringing back any memories. Not a good sign really.

Then Trembling Bells came on. Someone suggested them to me a couple of years ago because they knew I was a big fan of Tunng. And they were right, I love Trembling Bells too. But this is the first time I’ve seen them. And they were great. Exactly the kind of experimental folky music I love. I hope to see them again soon.


As I said, I knew nothing about The Deep Dark Woods before buying this ticket. I looked them up on Wikipedia (Canadian alternative country, apparently) but didn’t have time to listen to them before the gig. So I was coming into this completely cold. I’m not adverse to some country music, but it’s not one of my favourite genres.

I enjoyed the first few songs. I could see the country influence, but there was something (perhaps in the guitar sound) that kept reminding me of Pink Floyd. This is no bad thing. But, to be honest, after four or five songs it all started to sound a little samey to me and I fast started to lose interest.

I think I left before they played their encore. I don’t think I’ll bother again.

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