HAIM – Brixton Academy

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Why this gig?

Because I saw HAIM back in December and I thought they were great. And until they stop being great I shall see them live at every opportunity. (Actually, I bought the ticket for this show before the show in December because I had a sneaking suspicion that I’d want to see them again as soon as possible.)


The support was a band called Jungle. I enjoyed them, but unfortunately, they have a completely un-Googlable name so I can’t find their web site or tell you anything useful about them.


On the album, HAIM come across as a nicely-produced slice of Californian pop-rock. See them live and it’s a completely different story. They are out-and-out rock chicks. There’s shouting, incandescent guitar solos and dirty stories. Not to mention some great tunes (including, as you’ll see from the video above, their now-standard cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well”).

Last time, my only slight reservation was that the show was a bit short. They’ve now made it a little bit longer. They now play every song on the album (adding the title track, which was the only song missing previously) and another cover version (Beyonce’s “XO” apparently – not that I recognised it, of course). In total the show now runs to about an hour and a quarter. Once they have a second album out and can play for 90 minutes they’ll be unstoppable.

Only two years ago, they played their first London gig in a Dalston pub. If you don’t get to see them soon, they’ll be playing stadiums.

The set list is on Setlist.fm.


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