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Why this gig?

Ten years ago, everyone bought Franz Ferdinand’s first album, right? Well, I know I did and it seemed like so did everyone I knew at the time. It was a great album at the time, but I confess that it hasn’t been one that I’ve reached for all that often in the intervening years. And I’ve never bothered to investigate any more of their work. But nonetheless, I thought that they’d be a fun band to see at the Roundhouse on a Friday night.


A band called Mazes. Three of them. Pretty standard indie rock stuff. Perhaps a bit of a harder edge than some indie bands. Instantly forgettable though.


One thing you can say about Franz Ferdinand is that they put some effort in. They’ve obviously spent some money on a stage set. White skyscrapers stand at either side of the stage and films are projected on these during the show. There’s even a film playing as the roadies set up the equipment.

The band take the stage to a tumultuous welcome from the audience and launch into “Bullets”, a song from the new album. That’s followed by “Dark of the Matinee”, an old favourite of mine. After that it gets a bit blurred. My lack of knowledge of their material is showing. And, let’s be honest here, their music all sounds a bit the same. I can only tell which are the older songs by the volume of the cheers that greets each intro as it starts up.

I’m sure that the band were on good form. I’m sitting in the balcony, but the standing area below becomes a sea of people jumping up and down to the songs. They are obviously enjoying it, but something doesn’t quite click for me. Perhaps I’m just not in the mood. I’m not the only one though – the couple sitting beside me get up and leave after half a dozen songs and a few other people wander off during the set. I decide I’m definitely staying to hear “Take Me Out” at least.

In the end I stay until the end of the main set, but leave before the encore starts.

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