Chvrches – Brixton Academy

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Why this gig?

It’s the third time I’ve seen Chvrches this year. They’re addictive.


Well, wasn’t this a disappointment. Support was a woman called Lizzo. She sings bad dance music to a backing provided by a DJ. Oh, and another friend of hers wanders around the stage taking photos. One of the worst support acts I’ve seen.


Chvrches are still great. Everything I’ve said about them before is still true. They say that this is one of the last shows on the tour promoting their first album. So the next time I see them there will hopefully be some new material. The setlist hasn’t changed much at all over this year.

That’s a little unfair, to be honest. Tonight there are two songs that are new since I last saw them in the summer. This is the live debut “Get Away” from the re-scored soundtrack for Drive (which is, coincidentally, premiering on television tonight) and “Dead Air” (aka “Eddie Murphy”, “Richard Pryor” and, tonight, “Sarah Silverman”) is taken from the soundtrack to “Mockingjay Part 1” and has been part of the set for the past month or so.

But, those additions aside, the set is still the same as the other shows I’ve seen this year. And it’s played in the same order. Which shows a little lack of imagination.

The show is still great though. If you haven’t seen Chvrches live yet then you really should.

The setlist is on

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