Jim Moray – St Pancras Old Church

(Can’t find any video of the night, but this is one of the songs he sang)

Why this gig?

I’ve seen (and enjoyed) Jim Moray a few times over the last couple of years. But he’s always been a support act of a guest star. I thought it was about time I saw one of his gigs. And St Pancras Old Church is always a nice venue for a folky gig.


The support act were called the Captain’s Biscuits. They’re a pretty standard folk trio – two women singing and a man on guitar. It’s really nice.


As I said, I’ve always enjoyed seeing Jim Moray live. And I like shows at this venue. But something didn’t reeally click for me here and I can’t put my finger on it. Moray was on good form. The performances were great. But I just wasn’t in the mood, I guess.

After forty-five minutes, he took a quick break. And I left.

But I’ll definitely be going back to more of his gigs in the future.

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